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Member Qualifications and Expectations

An important distinction between Rotary and other organizations is that membership is by invitation.  Membership is vital to a Rotary club’s operations and community service activities.  A primary goal of the club is to continually expand the club with committed members who have the interest and ability to get involved in service and humanitarian projects.

Active member of the Muncie Rotary Club must have the following qualifications:

1.  They must be adult persons of good character and good business and professional reputation.

2.  They must be:

a.  Engaged as a proprietor, partner, corporate office or manager of any worthy and/or recognized business or profession; or

b.  Hold an important position in an executive capacity with discretionary authority in any worthy and/or recognized business or profession; or

c.  Act as the local agent or branch representative of any worthy and/or recognized business or profession, having charge of such agency or branch in an executive capacity.

3.  They must be personally and actively engaged in the respective business or profession in which they are classified in the club and have their place or business or residence located within the territorial limits of the club.

4.  They must have a record or, a demonstrated potential for, making a worthwhile contribution to the betterment of their community by actively participating in its civic, social, and/or cultural programs, or for making a worthwhile contribution to the programs and activities of the Muncie Rotary Club.

5.  They must not have been a member of another Muncie service club during the six (6) months immediately proceeding the date on which they are proposed for membership.

Individuals who were former active members in good standing of other Rotary clubs and who are otherwise eligible under these rules, provided an appropriate classification is available, shall be eligible for election to active membership in the Muncie Rotary Club.


Annual membership is $225.00

Annual (optional) gift to the Rotary Foundation is $100.00

Annual (optional) gift to the Rotary Club of Muncie Endowment Fund is $100.00


Members are expected to attend a minimum of 26 (50%) of the luncheon meetings which occur every Tuesday, Noon to 1:00 PM, at Minnetrista.  (Currently luncheons cost $15.00.  There is a “no-meal” option at $5.00.)  An active member, who attends all luncheon meetings, serves on a minimum of one committee, and who participates in a Muncie Rotary Club event, will devote approximately 60 hours annually.

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